About The Artist

Nick Chill is a Navy veteran turned professional photographer. It was during his service in San Diego, California that he first discovered his love of photography. The inspiration was a visit to Grand Canyon National Park, and an overwhelming desire to share the experience with others. From there he taught himself manual photography and quickly began making a name for himself. After a few years he began, also, to teach photography classes and workshops around Southern California. He continues to teach around his new home in Decorah, Iowa.

Artist Statement

My work focuses much more on the feeling of a moment than on the aesthetics of the scene. By honing my technical skills in digital photography and making it second nature, I am able to forget about the technical aspects while in the moment and just let my feelings guide me. In fact, in those moments when I do find myself “looking” for the best shot, instead of feeling the moment, I usually end up getting frustrated and leaving with nothing. In the end, if you allow it, you can get a sense of the energy of a scene through my images, and a glimpse into how the moment made me feel.

Contact Info

Nick is available to discuss fine art purchases, stock image licensing, and photography workshops. You can get a hold of him via any one of the following methods:

Facebook: @nickchillnaturephoto

Instagram: @nickchillnaturephoto

Email: nick@nickchillphotography.com